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Harnessing Innovation and Trends in Tourism and Hospitality Management

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Programme snapshot

  • Date: Aug 20, 2024 (3 days)
  • Fee: NGN485, 000
  • Location: LBS Campus and Hybrid
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The Covid-19 pandemic has effectively reset the way we do business. Remote working and tech convergence are just two examples of changing business landscapes. Moreover, investors in traditional economic sectors have identified the need for diversification to ensure sustainable growth. We cannot dispute the impacts of Covid-19 on the hospitality and tourism sector. Social distancing and travel bans hit hard. Yet, the new normal has created a broader scope for innovation. Today, the investment opportunities in the hospitality and tourism sectors are immense.

But where do the opportunities lie? Hospitality and tourism is an ecosystem of service providers all contributing to its value chain in accommodation, restaurants, tourism destinations and attractions, meetings & events, travel & tours, and so many support services that create these opportunities.
However, anyone looking to invest in, develop, operate, or own a hospitality and tourism business needs to do so with confidence that their concept converges with the needs of the market and customer expectations.

This seminar provides an outlook on hospitality and tourism investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. It will shed light on the different business concepts, market dynamics, demand and supply, environmental analysis, financing, human capital, and risk evaluations. At the end of this course, participants can make strategic and informed decisions about investing in the hospitality and tourism sector.

Learning Objectives and Benefits

The Learning Objective involves 

  • Understanding the tourism and hospitality industry: Attendees will learn about the various sectors within the tourism and hospitality industry, including accommodation, food and beverage, transportation, and attractions. They will also gain an understanding of the market trends, demand and supply dynamics, and the impact of external factors such as geopolitical events and pandemics on the industry.
  • Investment strategies: The seminar will provide attendees with investment strategies for the hospitality and tourism industry, including risk management, diversification, and asset allocation. Attendees will learn how to identify investment opportunities, assess their viability, and develop a long-term investment strategy.
  • Financial analysis: The seminar will cover financial analysis techniques used in the hospitality and tourism industry, such as revenue per available room (RevPAR), average daily rate (ADR), and occupancy rates. Attendees will learn how to analyze financial statements, conduct due diligence, and perform valuations.
  • Marketing and branding: Attendees will learn how to develop a marketing and branding strategy for their hospitality and tourism investment. This may include understanding the importance of customer segmentation, developing a unique selling proposition, and leveraging digital marketing channels.
  • Legal and regulatory issues: The seminar may cover legal and regulatory issues relevant to investing in the hospitality and tourism industry, such as zoning laws, tax regulations, and labor laws. Attendees will learn how to navigate these issues to ensure compliance and minimize legal risk.

Who should attend

  • High net worth individuals who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio.
  • Real estate investors who are looking to expand their portfolio by investing in hospitality/tourism properties.
  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a hospitality/tourism business
  • Institutional investors, such as pension funds or hedge funds, are looking for investment opportunities in the hospitality/tourism industry.
  • Hospitality/Tourism industry professionals who are interested in learning about investment opportunities in the industry.

Structure and Curriculum

  • Understanding the Hospitality & Tourism Ecosystem
  • A Sector Analysis of Hospitality & Tourism 
  • Investment Opportunities in Hospitality & Tourism
  • Strategic Directions for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Financing Hospitality & and Tourism Projects
  • Risk Profiles in Hospitality & Tourism 
  • ESG Compliance in Hospitality & Tourism

Admission process


Dr Belinda Nwosu


Upcoming Sessions and Contact

  1. Janet Adeegbe
  2. Oluwakemi Mfon-Bassey
  3. Afolabi Oyewunmi
  4. Toba Olugosi

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