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Programme snapshot

  • Date: Module 1: 5 May 2024 (5 days in Nairobi, Kenya) | Module 2: July 14 2024 (5 days in Lagos, Nigeria) | Module 3: 30 September 2024 (5 days in New York, USA)
  • Fee: $30,500
  • Location: Nairobi | Lagos | New York
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As an industry leader, you map out your company’s course, chart its strategy and foster a culture guided by clear objectives and a shared mission. Today the global, interconnected world calls for executive leaders who are uniquely attuned to the economic currents and market shifts that could advance or undermine their firm’s long-term sustainability.

Learning Objectives and Benefits

The Global CEO – Africa Programme has been designed and developed to enhance your strategic vision and equip you with new tools to better navigate disruptive trends that could impact your business.

Bringing together business leaders to co-create the African leadership solution as they individually transform their organisations.

The Global CEO programme is delivered by Strathmore University Business School together with Yale School of Management and Lagos Business School.


Why Global CEO – Africa Programme?

Expand your Global Vision & Reach through the Global CEO Programme

The Global CEO programme includes 3 residential modules in Nigeria, Kenya and the USA.

  • Co-creating the African Leadership Solution

The African continent is recognised as having immense potential, but the realisation of this potential requires collaborative leadership. Through the programme, we emphasize the roles, skills and competencies required for effective leadership for African organisations

  • Exclusively Designed for Executive Leaders

Expand your network and learn from top-level peers in an invigorating multi-cultural forum

  • Practical, Current and Relevant Knowledge 

The case method, interactive lectures, workshops, group discussions, study groups and CEO panels will all stimulate actionable insights that you can immediately apply at work.

  • Address Real Business Challenges

Analyse a business challenge specific to your organisation and gain invaluable feedback and support from experts and peers.

Who should attend

  • The Global CEO programme is designed for top-tier business leaders including board members, C-Suite executives, presidents, and chief decision-makers of companies with interests or a presence in the African continent.


Participants have an average of 20 years experience in senior management roles and reflect a diversity of the sector, profiles and cultural backgrounds.

Structure and Curriculum

Module I of the Global CEO programme
Understanding the Global and East & Southern Africa Perspectives
(Strathmore University Business School – Kenya)

Key topics:

  • Leadership – Role of the CEO in Africa and effective leadership strategies
  • Concepts of global and African economies
  • Understanding the Eastern and Southern African business contexts
  • Crafting and shaping your organisational international strategy
  • Creating value through expansion – Eastern and Southern Africa

Module II – Understanding the West Africa perspective & Building your Expansion Strategy
(Lagos Business School – Nigeria)

Key Topics

  • Understanding the business context in West, North and Central Africa
  • Emerging market dynamics
  • Governance and Leadership
  • People management in the 21st Century
  • Strategy implementation and execution
  • Creating value through expansion – West, North and Central Africa

Module III – Global Positioning and Strategy Formulation & African Leadership Solutions
(Yale School of Management, USA)

Key topics:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership in adversarial times
  • Understanding and leading culture
  • Growth and expansion into emerging markets
  • Global and emerging markets economic outlook
  • Creating value through global expansion – emerging markets

Intra-Modular Activities

  • Executive Challenge

Admission process

The Global CEO applications are accepted throughout the year but should be received no later than two months before the start date.

The Global CEO Admissions Committee, comprised of representatives from Lagos Business School and Strathmore University Business School, thoroughly reviews all applications. Due to class-size constraints and the need to maintain a balanced mix of professional profiles, it is possible that even highly qualified applicants may not be admitted.


Academic Director, Global Chief Executive Programme (GCEO Africa)

Patrick Akinwuntan commenced his professional career at EY International and practiced investment banking at Manufacturer’s Merchant Bank (now Fidelity Bank) before a 26-year pan-African banking career at Ecobank where he held various executive positions across Africa. He retired in 2022 as the Managing Director & Regional Executive of Ecobank Nigeria.


 William Putsis

 William Putsis is a Professor of Marketing, Economics and Business Strategy at the University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a Faculty Fellow for Executive Programmes at Yale University. His new book is The Carrot and The Stick: Leveraging Strategic Control for Growth (Rotman-UTP Publishing, Feb. 3, 2020)


Doyin Salami is a senior fellow and associate professor at the Lagos Business School. He served as chief economic adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari, and member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Nigeria from 2010 to 2017. His research interests include corporate long-term financial management; macroeconomic policy; corporate competitiveness and risk management.

Peter Schott is the Juan Trippe Professor of International Economics at the Yale School of Management. His research focuses on how firms and workers respond to globalisation.

Enase Okonedo is a professor of management and the Vice-Chancellor of Pan-Atlantic University, Nigeria. She speaks to global audiences about problem-solving and decision-making, corporate financial management, and financial strategy.

Jiwoong Shin is a Professor of Marketing at Yale School of ManagementHe is a leading scholar in marketing strategy, analytical modeling of strategic interactions between firms and consumers, digital marketing; in particular, consumer journey in the digital sphere, word of mouth, advertising, pricing strategies, and CRM.

Fabian Ajogwu is Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and a Professor of Corporate Governance at Lagos Business School. He has been Lead Counsel to the Federal Government of Nigeria in several cases of national importance, and chaired the Nigerian Communications Commission Committee on Corporate Governance that produced the first NCC Code of Corporate Governance for the Telecommunication Sector in 2014

Rodrigo Canales is the faculty director of Questrom’s Social Impact Programme. Before, he was an Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Yale School of Management, where he taught the Innovator Perspective.

Professor Juan M. Elegido is a former Vice-Chancellor of Pan-Atlantic University and a Professor of Business Ethics at the Lagos Business School, the graduate business school of the University. In the Lagos Business School he occupied successively the offices of Director of Programmes (1991-2000), Deputy Director General (2000-2002), Deputy Dean (2002 – 2005), and Dean (2005 – 2009). He has been a principal officer of Pan-Atlantic University since 2009 occupying the positions of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (June-Dec 2009) and Vice-Chancellor (2010-date). Elegido is the author of four books. Professor Elegido is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, a Fellow of the Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria and a member of the Business Ethics Network – Africa

Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. is a Kissinger Senior Fellow at Yale University’s Jackson School of Global Affairs and its International Security Studies research hub. He is also a Senior Strategic Engagement Leader at Special Operations Command. He served as ambassador to Zimbabwe (2016-2018), the Philippines (2010-2013) and Bangladesh (2003-2005). He retired in March 2018 with the rank of Career Minister after more than three decades in the United States Foreign Service. Ambassador Thomas also served as Executive Secretary and Special Assistant to Secretary Rice, Director General of the Foreign Service, Director for South Asia at the National Security Council and Director of the Operations Centre.  Ambassador Thomas speaks Spanish, Hindi, and Bangla

Chris Ogbechie Will be leading sessions on Implementing a Growth Strategy in an Africa-to-Africa Context and Execution Challenges in Africa.

Balázs Kovács is Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Yale School of Management. He received his PhD from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Prior to joining the Yale School of Management, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Lugano, Switzerland. Professor Kovács studies how socially structured information such as categories, awards, online reviews, and social networks shape audiences’ perceptions and evaluations in creative domains such as music, literature, dining, or technology. He will lead sessions on Organizational Design and AI.

Chidi Okoro teaches Strategy at Lagos Business School. He is currently the Founder/Executive Consultant of Drugs and Medicaments Nigeria Limited, a retail chain/own brands dealer in the Pharmaceutical sector. He is a consultant in Strategy and Business Development to organisations in FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Africa operations, and a recipient of numerous awards including Pearl Quoted CEO of the year 2013 and GSK Turn Around Manager Award.

Henry Onukwuba teaches Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour and Management Communication on the regular and executive MBA classes, Owner Manager Programmes, custom programmes and other executive programmes at Lagos Business School.

He has held various senior administrative positions at the School as Director of Executive Education, MBA Director and Director of Alumni Relations, prior to joining the full-time faculty team.

Isaac Orolugbagbe is a Senior Fellow at the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and SPEB Department of Lagos Business School and an Adjunct Faculty, Strategy & Corporate Governance at Strathmore Business School, Nairobi, Kenya. Currently Isaac is Chairman of Boctrust Microfinance Bank Limited, Chairman Fastizers Foods and Confectionery Limited, and Board Director for Beta Computers Limited, Park City Homes Limited and IDC Farms Limited. In the past, he served as Director for Thomas Wyatts Plc. and Vice-Chairman of Red Star Express Plc.


The modules have opened one’s mindset to the possibilities that exist not only on the African continent but also from a global perspective. And how as a CEO, you could manage your internationalization strategy or your global or African regional strategy to create more value for your company.

Alexander Okoh CEO of Bureau of Public Enterprises, Nigeria

The partnership that they’ve put together to deliver this is world-class and is also driving home the need for us to domesticate our solutions in Africa. A lot of times, we copy and paste what we see working in England or US. We think it’s going to work in Africa. This is about creating a homegrown solution leveraging the fact that we have what it takes to solve Africa’s problem.

Valentine Ozigbo President/CEO TransCorp PLC, Nigeria

It engages you. It’s not just about things that you already know. It’s from the point of view that you even reevaluate your own perspectives, how you have pursued your vocation so far, and the kind of value you can add.

Ronke Bammeke MD & CEO Pensions Alliance Ltd, Nigeria

Coming from the public sector and meeting a lot of CEOs coming from the private sector. This is where both of us in a classroom are able to interrogate our roles and see how we can create synergies. The last one week has been very enriching for me. I have learned a lot of very good ideas, which I believe I’m going to use to transform Narok          County

Samuel Tunai Governor, Narok County, Kenya

One of the biggest programmes that I attended was last year for Dubois African CEO’s forum. Similarly, the topics are almost the same, but this one, there’s a lot of practicality which people are taken through compared to the other one. There is much more weight in what we have been taught in the class than the other one.

William Maniyel CEO Allied Services Ltd, South Sudan

Upcoming Sessions and Contact

For more information, please call Victor – 07080070551 or send an email to execedsales@lbs.edu.ng

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