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Developing Local Value Chains for the African Continental Free Trade Area

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Programme snapshot

  • Date: 9 May, 2024 (2 days)
  • Fee: N465,000.00
  • Location: LBS Campus
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The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) represents a major opportunity for countries to boost growth, reduce poverty, and broaden economic development. 

This Executive Course is designed to provide delegates with a robust understanding and practical skills for developing critical value chains in their states/regions to maximize the opportunities presented by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement

It demonstrates the application of different techniques and models for systemic mapping of value chains, to identify upgrading opportunities and leverage points for sustainable value realization and development.

Learning Objectives and Benefits

Participants will learn to (4-5 succinctly stated):

  • Understand the techniques for mapping and analyzing value chains for maximum social, and economic impact.
  • Prioritize and develop value chains to take advantage of the African Continental Free Trade Area.
  • Perform systematic evaluation of bottlenecks in value chains to identify upgrading opportunities for the African Continental Free Trade Area.
  • Implement stakeholders’ approach to building inclusive value chains.

Who should attend

  • This course is designed for senior executives in the public and private sectors who wish to develop their organizations’ value chains to maximize AfCFTA’s potential benefits.
  • People who want to learn more about analyzing and transforming the value chains of critical sectors for inclusive socio-economic development are the target audience for this course. 
  • Policymakers in governments (at the state and national levels), particularly Permanent Secretaries and Directors in the Ministries of Trade and Commerce, Agriculture, Industry, and Export Promotions, will also benefit from this course.

Structure and Curriculum

Day 1: The African Continental Free Trade Agreement: Opportunities and Challenges 

The concepts of value creation and value appropriation 

Understanding how to map and analyze value chains for maximum social, and economic impact.

Day 2: 

  • How to Build Sustainable and Inclusive Value Chains (Case Study: Consensus Model for Value Chain Development)
  • Value chain upgrading strategies: opportunities to boost your products’ global value.
  • A structured approach to enhancing the value of your products (Case Study: Cambridge Value Analysis Model)
  • African Continental Free Trade Area:  Prioritizing value chains for the development (UNIDO’s value chain prioritization tool)

To reap the potential benefits of AfCFTA for inclusive growth, governments (national, state, and local) in African countries need first to develop their local value chains to be competitive in the regional market and enhance inclusive sustainable development.


Ethical Content: Does the programme have sessions or cases highlighting ethical issues in management and decision-making? 

The programme does have opportunities for ethical issues in management such as in dealing with contract management, selling, and buying. 

Admission process


Faculty Relevant Expertise
Professor Temidayo Akenroye Value Chain Expert
Frank Ojadi Logistics Expert
Marvel Ogah Lean expert


Upcoming Sessions and Contact

  1. Janet Adeegbe
  2. Oluwakemi Mfon-Bassey
  3. Afolabi Oyewunmi
  4. Toba Olugosi



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