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Programme snapshot

  • Date: 21 November, 2023
  • Fee: N489,125.00 (Excluding VAT)
  • Location: LBS Campus
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With the current global and local business challenges such as rising cost of doing business, policy uncertainty and unpredictability, liquidity problems, rising unemployment, poverty and Covid 19 pandemic, the need for a re-think of business strategies and effective management of business problems to achieve sustainable profitability, growth and performance cannot be over-emphasized. As the senior management/board is central to the development and execution of robust strategies, it is pertinent that they are constantly abreast with key issues and developments not only in their but in both local and global economy.

Learning Objectives and Benefits

At the end of the programme, participants will achieve a better understanding of the need and importance of effective corporate governance and then the pertinent responsibility of the board/senior management in enthroning a robust and effective corporate governance through:

  • Detailed understanding of the key economic trends, business risks and the synergy between risk and strategy
  • Deep and clear comprehension of the meaning and practice of corporate governance and the importance and benefits to organisations.
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of the board/senior management’s strategic and governance role in a turbulent business environment.
  • Good understanding of the role of the board/senior management in effective risk management within the context of an enterprise-wide risk management approach, risk-aware culture, and business continuity

Who should attend

  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Management Teams
  • Advisory Boards

Structure and Curriculum

  • The Socio – economic Environment of Business: Market insights, Key business risks and the need for Corporate Governance
  • The Concept of Corporate Governance: Meaning, Developments and a Value Creating Board
  • Corporate Governance in Nigeria: Issues, Challenges and Prospects
  • Key Governance Issues I: Strategy in a Turbulent Environment- The Role of the Board Senior Management
  • Key Governance Issues II: Board Financial Issues and Financial Oversight
  • Key Governance Issues III: The Risky Business of Being a Director
  • Key Governance Issues IV: Director Selection, Onboarding and Disqualification Process
  • Key Governance Issues V: Board Composition , Diversity and Tasks


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Dr Franklin Ngwu


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