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Developing Analytical Competence for Managing Operations

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Programme snapshot

  • Date: December 2, 2024 (5 days)
  • Fee: N550,000
  • Location: LBS Campus
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The world is ‘full’ of operations, some more visible, others less so. In all organisations (private companies, NGOs, and public sector), operations must be managed. Even the units/ departments within these organisations must also manage their operations, whether it is about sales, or even report writing in administration units and finance departments.

For executives, managing operations is inevitable.  If they fail to do so, the operations do not disappear. Largely, the tangible value that a company generates for its customers occurs through its operations management. Managers who neglect operations management are wasting an opportunity to ensure the competitiveness of their companies. Good operations management can be used to contribute to the welfare of society in so many ways. This programme is designed to equip the participants with the skills and competencies required to plan, allocate resources, and execute the operations activities of a company most efficiently and effectively.


Learning Objectives and Benefits

At the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Acquire and apply analytical capability to manage any form of operations.
  • Develop skills and competencies to optimize organisation’s resources and achieve key targets.

Who should attend

This programme will benefit all executives with the responsibility of managing operations in manufacturing companies, NGOs, service companies including hospitals, Insurance, banking and finance and transport sectors.

Structure and Curriculum

Value creation and fundamental Concepts of Operations

  • Value creation through operations management
  • The characteristics of service & manufacturing operations


Understand Operations Processes

  • Process flow design
  • Input/output analysis
  • Queue management/operations planning and scheduling


Aggregate Planning & control Decisions

  • Capacity planning
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Forecasting and inventory management
  • Inventory Models


Strategic Procurement & Logistics Management

  • Procurement concepts
  • Distribution planning
  • Logistics planning and analysis


Operations Costs and analysis

  • Financial planning
  • Applying Analytics to Big Data in Operations Management
  • Measuring operations performance
  • Statistical process control
  • Ethical issues

Admission process

1. Click on the Apply Now tab
2. Select the number of participants to enroll on the programme
3. Fill in your details to complete your application
4. Request for an invoice or make an instant payment via our secured payment gateway
5. Upon confirmation of payment, a programme manager will get in touch with you at least three days before the programme commences.


Dr Frank Ojadi

Dr Marvel Ogah

Dr Obinna Muogboh

Rose Ogbechie


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