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Programme snapshot

  • Date: 13 November, 2024 (6 days over 3 weeks)
  • Fee: NGN 450,000.00
  • Location: LBS Campus
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At the heart of every decision is the desire to solve a problem, whether defined in terms of a deficiency or an opportunity. Executives and leaders generally, are made or broken by the decisions / choices they make or fail to make. A World Economic Forum article (2016) on the Future of Jobs lists complex problem solving, critical thinking and decision making as three of the top ten skills required to function in the workplace by the year 2025.

Formal economic models of decision-making often begin with the assumption that we are inclined to make choices that leave us as well off as possible. However, research and experience suggest that we often make choices that seem opposed to our best interests or at best are suboptimal. Why?

It is important to understand that problem-solving and decision-making is a two dimensional phenomenon.  It is rational, methodical, analytical, effortful, on one hand and on the other affective, instinctive, intuitive and automatic. In essence, problem solving and decision making is about how we think. To make more optimal choices, we must understand how these dimensions interact especially in time bound and uncertain contexts.

This seminar will expose participants to information as well as tools geared towards developing thinking capabilities and complex problem solving and decision making skills suitable for peculiar contexts.

Learning Objectives and Benefits

At the end of this programme, participants would have:

  • Developed a strategy for handling complex problem situations
  • Learned how to handle / use information correctly
  • Learned to handle cognitive limitations that plague the decision-making process
  • Learned to think according to defined parameters and frameworks that aid optimal decision making
  • Honed their thinking capabilities to accommodate novel, non-routine decision situations
  • Learned when and how to engage participatory decision making

Who should attend

The Problem Solving and Decision Making programme is designed for senior managers / leaders with varying levels of decision-making responsibilities. Participants will generally have considerable work experience in any field and will have come to a point where they realise the need to hone their problem solving and decision-making skills. Past participants have been drawn from various sectors including the financial service, FMCG, telecommunications and faith-based organisations.

Structure and Curriculum

The psychology of Decision Making

  • Personality and decision making
  • Cognitive biases and decision making
  • Judgment & decision making


Decision Making as a Process

  • Decision Making as a process
  • Solving complex problems
  • Gathering intelligence
  • Analytical thinking for decision making


People and context in Decision Making

  • Group Dynamics and the Decision Making process
  • Communicating decisions to different stakeholders


Dealing with uncertainty and the constraint of time

Admission process

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5. Upon confirmation of payment, a programme manager will get in touch with you at least three days before the programme commences.


Dr Yetunde Anibaba,

Judith Okonkwo


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