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There are two broad orientations about what the focus of Human Resource Professionals needs to be in organisations. One orientation focuses on the soft side – employee engagement, wellness, satisfaction, even happiness. The emphasis is on the ‘Human’ side of things, not the ‘Resources’. The argument is that these things…

Who should attend:

This programme is designed for HR professionals at the middle to senior management cadre in organisations.  

Key Benefits
At the end of the programme, participants will: Interpret their organisation’s strategic objectives in HR terms Relate HR programmes and practices to organisational goals Effectively support the delivery of the organisation’s objectives  

In 2014, a Boston Consulting Group interview of CEOs worldwide proved that talent management would be the number one business priority in the next 10 years employee engagement was second and was followed by leadership. Details of this survey and how to meet these priorities demand an enhanced role for…

Who should attend:

This programme will benefit HR professionals who need to further develop skills required to create the context for superior performance in their organisations Managers and professionals seeking a career in HR, or who need generalist knowledge of the practice of people management.

Key Benefits
The primary objective of this programme is to equip participants with the knowledge of human resource management principles, practices and processes that can add value to their organisations.

In a constantly changing, knowledge-based and conflict-prone national and global economy, managing employer-employee relations is critical on many levels. Getting the best out of human capital is equally critical to value creation and winning against competition. Society is becoming more conscious of legal rights while regulations and legal tripwires are…

Who should attend:

The programme is designed to benefit the following groups: In-house counsels Heads of legal departments Practicing lawyers Senior corporate counsel and advisers HR, Industrial and Employee Relations Managers Company Secretaries

Key Benefits
At the end of this programme, you will be able to: Develop proactive labour and employment practices and policies Negotiate agreements with organised labor and employee groups Ensure compliance with established and emerging labour and employment laws Practicalize advanced defense strategies for winning employment litigation Internal resolution of disputes, whenever…

For a long time, the HR function had to struggle to get a seat in the boardroom of their organisations. Today, the issue is different. Now that the HR function has a seat, the question is “What does HR bring into the room and what should HR bring”? Related to…

Who should attend:

The programme is designed to benefit: Senior HR Executives at C-Suite level in private sector companies from a diverse range of industries and ownership structures as well as their public sector counterparts.

Key Benefits
After the programme, you will be able to have: A deep understanding of contemporary economic, social and business issues and their interdependencies An appreciation of how these are playing out in different organisations; what is working and what is not The implications of these for the HR professional and the…

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