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Programme snapshot

  • Date: Module 1: 1st to 5th July 2024 | Module 2: 5th to 9th August 2024 | Module 3: 2nd to 6th September 2024 | Module 4: International Module (October 2024)
  • Fee: ₦13,534,250
  • Location: LBS Campus
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Nigeria needs well-designed and competently administered government policies, programmes, and services for the effective functioning of their economy and society. While the politicians decide on the direction and thrust of government action, it is public servants who support them in shaping policy, interpreting policy, and delivering essential services. Nigeria currently faces severe challenges in leadership especially in the Public Sector – at the Federal, State and Local Government levels. This structured, high immersion, experiential programme addresses the leadership issues facing the public sector. It will provide public sector leaders with both global and locally adaptive frameworks, tools, and techniques, critical to influencing the formulation, design and delivery of effective public policies and services. This programme leverages our record in business education and ensure that participants gain the required management knowledge and administrative skills, by employing the case-study method and group-work approach to learning which draws on the experience of faculty and participants.


Learning Objectives and Benefits

You will leave Lagos Business School better equipped with skills and insights that help you in your role, and that will strengthen your contribution to the public sector more widely. You will have strengthened your ability to respond to six challenges facing all leaders of major public institutions:

  • Making tough decisions while managing the biases that distort decisions made under pressure.
  • Improving the ability of your organisation to deliver outcomes that matter to the people you serve.
  • Building a culture of undiluted integrity in your organisation and sector.
  • Communicating effectively in your own organisation, across government, and with diverse public audiences and partners.
  • Creating effective partnerships with businesses and social sector organisations, and negotiating internationally across sectors to deliver better services, produce better outcomes, and advance the public interest.
  • Adapting to changing digital technology and harnessing its benefits while managing the challenges of cyber threats.

Who should attend

The Public Sector Leadership Programme is designed for permanent secretaries, chief executives, director general, executive secretaries, or equivalent), who serve as the accountable officers in a ministry, department or agency or as appointed heads of statutory government agencies and parastatals (or are likely to move into such a position within the next two years).

Structure and Curriculum

The programme focuses on public sector management and governance, the World and Nigeria’s place in it. It will place emphasis on the good use of evidence in shaping public policy advice and action. The learning journey will examine four thematic areas. The first three thematic areas that will be delivered at Lagos Business School are:

  • Thematic area one: Responsible Leadership and Administration
  • Thematic area two: Policy Implementation for Sustainable Development
  • Thematic area three: Stakeholder engagement and collaboration


Key modules covered in the three thematic areas include:

  1. Understanding the National Economic Development Plan and the Changing Socio-economic Landscape
  2. Strategic Thinking, Planning and Policy Execution for Sustainable Development
  3. Strategic Foresight and Design Thinking – Building Resilience and Agility
  4. Basic Accounting and Finance for Strategic Planning & Budgeting
  5. Law and Finance for Execution of National Development Plan
  6. Authentic Leadership: Key Leadership Skills and Understanding Your Leadership Style
  7. Public Sector Ethics, Governance and Accountability
  8. Effective Stakeholder Management as a Strategy for Inclusive Governance and Development
  9. Negotiating in Public Interest: Strategies that Work
  10. Governance of Risk in Public Service: Identification, Assessment and Management
  11. Understanding Decision Making Process and Reducing Cognitive Bias in Decision-making
  12. Using Data Analytics for Optimal Public Service Delivery and Performance

Admission process

  • Complete an application form online or make a request to execedsales@lbs.edu.ng
  • All applications undergo a thorough screening process prior to confirmation of admission
  • The Programme Manager will get in touch with you as soon as an admission is granted


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