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Programme snapshot

  • Date: 28, November, 2024 (4 days over 2 weeks)
  • Fee: N238,500.00 (Excluding VAT)
  • Location: Live online
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Conflicts are inevitable in every human relationship. They are a natural feature of human communication that managers often have to deal with among their employees on a daily basis. Conflicts need not be seen as negative; however, if not resolved effectively, they can have devastating effects on employee morale,productivity,  and customer relations.

On the flip side, effectively resolving conflicts boosts employee productivity, creativity and attitude to work. An amicable atmosphere at the workplace is essential for increased productivity and output on the part of employees thus making conflict management essential to the success and growth of any company.

Managers need to develop the skills to identify and resolve conflicts that arise in the workplace in order to ensure corporate productivity and growth.

Learning Objectives and Benefits

After the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and identify conflicts
  • Understand the causes/sources of conflicts in their company
  • Identify and understand their conflict management styles
  • Develop conflict management skills
  • Drive the resolution of conflicts among reports, team members, and colleagues

Who should attend

The programme is designed to benefit:

  • Human resource managers and line managers
  • Project and team leads
  • Other experienced professionals who find themselves in situations where they have to resolve conflicts among team members and other employees

Structure and Curriculum

  • Understanding conflicts
  • Identifying different sources of conflicts
  • Identifying and understanding your conflict resolution style
  • Effective interpersonal communication techniques
  • Effective organisational crisis communication techniques
  • The conflict resolution process

Admission process

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5. Upon confirmation of payment, a programme manager will get in touch with you at least three days before the programme commences.


Dr Eugene Ohu

Dr Kemi Ogunyemi


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