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Programme snapshot

  • Date: 3,October,2022 (6 days over 3 weeks)
  • Fee: N268,200.00 (Excluding VAT)
  • Location: Live online
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The majority of FMCG products today are in mature phases, with a high-level of competition in each category and very low margins. Companies  have to organise and restructure large brand portfolios to address very different consumer needs, with limited opportunities to find new niches. Consumers are overinformed and barraged by too many stimuli, limiting the impact of even the best Marketing Communication strategies.

This programme will help participants to build a solid foundation in strategic marketing, using concepts and best practices from the FMCG industry. It is also designed to train marketing and non-marketing managers to set up objectives and strategies to build and maintain brand equity and growth. Participants will be equipped with the skills and competencies required to develop a successful marketing plan, to allocate resources and to implement it in the most efficient and effective manner, particularly during challenging times.


Learning Objectives and Benefits

The programme will strengthen your capacity to:

  • Understand the market dynamics and consumer behaviour within the FMCG market.
  • Determine the appropriate market segment, target the right audience and position your brand/product to gain competitive advantage
  • Conduct a brand portfolio review and strengthen your brand identity
  • Design scenario planning for marketing plan development
  • Learn how to use ROI to optimize marketing spend

Who should attend

This programme will benefit:

  • Senior Marketing and Commercial Managers from FMCG sector and other related industries

Structure and Curriculum

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Market and Consumers

  • Identifying and Understanding FMCG Consumer trends and insights
  • Best Market Research Tools and Methodologies
  • Segmenting and Targeting your Consumer
  • New Product Development
  • Packaging Development – Key issues and Major trends


Brand Management for FMCG

  • From Branding to Brand identity
  • Brand equity and Brand Health indicators
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Price strategy and positioning


Constructing Your Marketing Plan

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media for FMCG products
  • Integrated Marketing Communication for FMCG products
  • Trade Marketing, Category Management and Merchandising
  • Retail Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan: development & implementation

Admission process

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3. Fill in your details to complete your application
4. Request for an invoice or make an instant payment via our secured payment gateway
5. Upon confirmation of payment, a programme manager will get in touch with you at least three days before the programme commences.


Vanessa Burgal

Chidi Okoro

Dr Ogechi Adeola

Dr Uchenna Uzo


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